Spectra Chrome

is an advanced spray on chrome technology
where real silver is applied between two layers
of automotive paint. This process allows for a chrome finish that is far more versatile than standard chrome plating. Since Spectra Chrome is applied like automotive paint, we can chrome almost anything.There is no better testimonial than seeing “Spectra Chrome Process” for yourself, we hope this video shows the amazing result we can achieve with this product. Advanced “spray-on” chrome paint technology, allows you to apply a brilliant, durable, mirror like flexible chrome finish over virtually any surface.
At TCR Customs, we can use our Spectra Chrome system to provide you with a unique look to your custom car or motorcycle. We can also use Spectra Chrome in a classic restoration project. Instrument panels, knobs, emblems, and even damaged potmetal can be re-chromed to give a fresh new look. Please check out our video; prepare to be amazed!