Rust Repair

Aided by our state of the art Rustbuster spray welder, we can repair/restore practically any rusted metal. The proper repair for rust damage has always been replacement with new sheet metal. Often a panel is replaced as a result of minor rust holes. For many vehicles replacement panels are not available or are of very poor quality. Now with Rustbuster we have the solution to this problem.

How does Rustbuster work?

Step 1: the damaged panel is first sandblasted, leaving clean sheet metal.

Step 2: We now use our specialized wire fed welder to actually spray molten metal, reforming the sheet metal panel. Rustbuster allows for the original bodylines and folds to remain, leaving an untouched factory look. The metal used is zinc so now the sprayed area is galvanized, helping to prevent rust in the future.

Step 3: The panel is now ready for primer and finish bodywork.

Rustbuster saves you time and money. Give us a call and we’ll see if Rustbuster will work for your application.